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We offer a full line of HVAC filters, paint, spray booth, industrial finishing, metal washable, bag filters, high efficiency, HEPA filters, water filters, oil mist filters, dust collection, filter housings, air scrubbers, and cottonwood intake screens.

Pleated Filters

MERV 8 through MERV 13

Standard and high capacity with consistent pleat shape on predetermined centers causing dirt to collect evenly over entire surface, maximum dust holding capacity. Moisture resistant beverage board frame.

  • Filters available in 1″, 2″, and 4″ Depths, multiple sizes
  • 100% water repellent, high-strength adhesive coating on interior of frame

Self-support MERV 8 through MERV 13

More info soon.

Extra High Capacity

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Series 635 Panels

Each Series 635 panel has commercial and industrial applications a well as two levels of tackification which improves performance at a nominal cost.

  • MERV 8 based upon 52.2-1999
  • 30% average efficiency based upon 52.1-1992
  • Dual tack (internal & downstream) enhances dust holding capacity

Series 625 Panels

Each Series 625 panel is designed for heavy duty commercial and industrial application with a durable 3-ply structure and internal tackifier for increased performance.

  • MERV 8 based on 52.2-1999
  • Rigid media design for high velocity application

Series 610 Panels

Series 610 panels are an economical solution for light commercial and industrial applications, with 2 layers of polyester. The downstream layer has a light tackifier which enhances performance.

  • MERV 7 – based upon 52.2-1999

Series 55 Panels

Series 55 panels are an economical solution for crossdraft intake air filtration. General use is in paint spray booths in the automotive and industrial finishing markets.

  • 75% efficiency on 10 microns
  • 2 layers, 100% polyester with downstream tackifier
  • Heat sealed to 9 gauge internal support frame

P312 Poly Panels

P312 panels are for residential, commercial, or light industrial use.
The interlocking polyester fibers maximizes dust loading while minimizing resistance to air flow and surface loading. Use where large quantities of lint and dust are present in a high velocity system.

  • Large effective filtering surface area
  • Classified Class 2 by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Synthetic Bag Filters

Clean-Pak™ Synthetic

Economical choice for basic, entry level commercial and industrial applications.

  • Commodity synthetic media
  • Good performance at an affordable price

Defiant® T-Flo Synthetic

Provides functionality above the basic level with patented media with T-Flo® technology

    • Holds more dust with lower pressure drop than Clean-Pak™
    • Improved Performance Bag at an affordable price

Venti-Pak™ Fiberglass

Extended Surface Bag Filter; Microglass-Sewn providing high burst strength. Thermoplastic sealant locks the stitches and prevents leakage.

  • Pocket Formation (span stitching or sonic welding) creates wide open entrances
  • Uniform pocket shape permits maximum air flow, minimum resistance
  • high strength mechanical staking secures pockets to prevent separation under high turbulent conditions

Mini E-pleat Filters

Legacy® 4″ MERV11

Legacy extended surface pleated panel filter for use as a stand alone or as a pre-filter to higher efficiency bag, rigid box, or cell type filters.

  • E-pleat® Technology allows smooth airflow, even loading and media utilization
  • Completely incinerable with high impact plastic frame

3M™ Commercial HVAC MERV A13

Functional, high-efficiency performance at an economical cost. Engineered to protect expensive HVAC equipment and workers from dirty air.

  • V-Bank with Integral Gasket
  • Electrostatically-charged, open construction media

Legacy® 4″ MERV14

Legacy® extended surface pleated panel filter for use as a stand alone or as a pre-filter to higher efficiency bag, rigid box, or cell type filters.

  • Provides 12″ filter performance in a 4″ filter
  • LoadTech™ Media Design holds 2x more dust, Longer filter life.

Advantage® 2″ MERV16/14A

Durable Plastic Frame, no metal components, completely incinerable.

  • 2″ Mini-Pleat Design provides higher efficiency and dust holding
  • MERV 16/14A in accordance with ASHRAE Test Method 52.2-2007, including Appendix J
  • Available with Side and Up/Downstream Gasketing

Box-Style Pleated Filters

Legacy® 12″

Legacy® extended surface pleated panel filter Cost savings–reduced energy costs with low pressure drop and low energy consumption.

  • E-pleat® Technology allows smooth airflow, even loading and media utilization
  • Completely incinerable with high impact plastic frame


High and Medium Efficiency Extended Surface Air Filters. Compact design saves valuable in-line duct space. Ideal for variable volume systems and difficult operating conditions.

  • Three efficiencies (MERV-14, MERV-13, MERV-11)
  • Two depths – 6″ and 12″
  • Water resistant microglass paper media
  • Optional — Antimicrobial treated media with a 90% efficiency

V-Force® 2V

High Efficiency Extended Surface Mini-Pleat Filters, ideal for use in most demanding installations, including variable air volume, high air flow, turbulence, repeated fan shut down, high moisture and some chemical or corrosive conditions.

  • Exceeds LEED/Green requirement of MERV 13
  • Classified per UL Standard 900
  • All Plastic Construction
  • Fully Incinerable
  • Moisture and Chemical Resistant


Extended Surface Rigid Cell Filters, Dual Layer, Microfine Synthetic Media, High Loft Microglass Media.

  • Unaffected by High Humidity or Moisture
  • 6″ and 12″ depths
  • Uses include pharmaceutical production, hospitals, food processing, public buildings and arenas

Vari+Plus® VP

High Capacity Extended Surface Mini-Pleat Filters

  • All Plastic Construction
  • Uses Revolutionary Exclusive Dura-Tuff™ Synthetic Media
  • Rigid Cell Design
  • Suitable for HVAC or Turbine Intake Applications

HEPA High Capacity Filters

HEPA MicroGuard® 99 and MicroGuard® 2000

HEPA and ULPA Filters provide filtration of 99.97%, 99.99%, 99.999% on 0.3 micron particles. Every filter is individually tested. Design minimizes risk of media puncture, adds to filter pack stability, and offers maximum air flow. MicroGuard® 2000 is designed for high air flow applications up to 500 FPM.

  • Gasket Seal and Gel Seal
  • High Temperature Models
  • UL 900,586

Activated Carbon Filters for Gas & Odors

Carbon Panels & Cubes

Flat Panels or Extended Surface Carbon Cube Filters provide dual-ply polyester 15/40 particulate arrestor with internally applied wet tack, second layer is 3/8″ carbon impregnated polyester.

  • Basic VOC absorption
  • Self-seal upon installation to eliminate air bypass
  • Easy to handle design

MERV 8 Carbon Pleat

Offers high air filtration efficiency with carbon to deliver clean, fresh air.  Filter offers unpleasant odor control, including cigarette smoke, food preparation, vehicle exhaust, odors from humans and pets, decomposition odors, beauty salon chemical odors, and gases from chemical processing.

  • New high carbon loading media is self-supporting for improved filter disposal ability
  • Each filter is bag sealed to prevent odor absorption prior to installation
  • 200 grams per square meter of 60% activity carbon

Spray Booth / Paint Booth Filters

Final Diffusion Media/Panels

Panels and links are designed for premium crossdraft and select downdraft intake filtration in auto refinishing and industrial finishing environments.

  • 90+% efficiency on particle sizes greater than 10 microns
  • 2 layers, 100% polyester, 3 ply media with impregnated tackifier
  • Rated UL 900, Class 1

Overspray Exhaust Filters

NESHAP Compliant Filter Products with a wide array of of options including: Fiberglass, Polyester, and Paper Filter Products.

  • Fiberglass Paint Arrestor Pads include 15g, 18g (with polyester backing) and 22g products
  • Polyester Filter products provided in bulk flexible rolls or manufactured to specifically fit your filtration system
  • Pocket/Cube Filters have a higher holding capacity and have a self supporting structure design

NESHAP Compliant/Aerospace Filters

System can be set as 2-Stage or 3-Stage. These systems are designed to capture paints and chemical coatings commonly associated with aerospace OEM and rework applications.

  • Each stage provides maximum cost/benefit efficiency for particle removal at that point in the filtration process
  • Motors, fans and duct work are kept cleaner
  • System is more effective, desirable air-flow and service life are maximized

2 Stage System

ATI-500 Pocket and Panel Filters manufactures with an upstream layer tha consists of larger fibers with more open structure for greater depth loading and holding capacity. Final layer consists of fine bi-component fiber to capture fine particles.

  • Self-sealing — No leakage around the filter, frame forms as built in gasket
  • Easy Installation and changeout, simply push the filter into the frame
  • MERV 11 performance makes this a good choice as a 2nd stage filter in powder coating booths

3 Stage System

System removes liquid and solid overspray in new paint booths in excess of NESHAP Standard. Keeps motors, fans, and duct work clean; prevents discharging contaminants to the atmosphere.

  • First Stage – Ultra prefilter designed to maximize depth loading, providing longer life.
  • Second Stage – four ply, OSM-100 provides retention of smaller paint particles
  • Third Stage – three ply, self-supported A-3000 bag to capture smallest paint particles

Auto Roll

American Air

1-1/4″ O.D. 18 gauge steel tube. Drive pins 9/16″ from end. 11″ diameter end plates. Red end cap indicates drive end.


Core is formed from a 2-1/8″ I.D. Fiberboard tube using no drive pin, cups or discs.


Constructed form a 1-1/2 diameter: EMT conduit, with 11″ diameter end plates recessed approx. 1-3/8″ from end of core.


1-1/4″ O.D. 18 gauge steel tube. Drive pins 9/16″ from end. Red end cap indicates drive end.


2-7/16″ I.D. fiberboard tube. A metal cup is secured in each end. The cup is stamped to form a 1-1/2″ square.


Core is formed from 3″ I.D. metal tube. A drive pin is located 2-1/2″ from one end of tube only. No cups or discs are used.


Formed from a 2-7/16″ fiberboard tube. A metal cup is secured in each end. The cup is stamped to form a 1-1/2″ square opening.


Polyflex Belts

Unique 60°-Angle Polyurethane Construction Transmits Greater Loads at Higher Speeds in Less Space Than Conventional V-Belts

PoweRated V-Belts

An Alternative to Conventional Light-Duty Belts, with High Performance Construction Delivering More Horsepower, Less Stretch and Longer Service Life.

Truflex V-Belts

Truflex Belts feature superior length stability for minimal take-up requirements.

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